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Launching 2019, Detroit, Michigan

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48 Hours to develop the future of the Auto Industry
with Gaming & Emerging Tech!


So what’s Motor City Auto Jam?

It is THE PREMIERE collaborative Innovation Event to solve major Automotive Industry challenges utilizing gaming & emerging tech

1. an event in which individuals come together in a physical environment and attempt to rapidly prototype a technology, software, app or game (video or otherwise) focused on some element of the automotive industry in a limited amount of time; an automotive innovation hackathon: She was on the team that made that awesome experience I love at the Motor City Auto Jam!

In Spring 2020 we will launch our 1st inaugural Motor City Auto Jam, and we are so excited to bring this event to Detroit and excited for the collaboration, innovation, and cool working prototypes we’ll be working on for the future of the automotive industry. We’re providing fun challenges, amazing resources and a great opportunity for talent exposure. This is your chance to build something extraordinary with talented peers from all over Michigan and the US. Become part of a team or stay a lone wolf.

Everyone is welcome to participate throughout the 48-hour Jam using gaming technologies to bring solutions to automotive industry challenges. We’re looking for artists, programmers, game designers, UI & UX designers, physicians, sound designers, writers, auto industry professionals, poets, interpretive dancers, people excited about games, people excited about cars, people who like to eat pizza, and people like you. Keep an eye out for more news and get ready to jam!

So how does the event work?

Through the chaos of development comes something beautiful

There are so many areas of the auto industry that need help! Choose a category of automotive or mobility (see below) and take on the challenge to create an innovative solution using gaming and emerging technology. Speak to experts, take their advice and incorporate your own ideas into your solution. Consider that boundaries often spark the best creativity!

Have a great idea, or know someone who does? Everyone is welcome to pitch their concept using gaming tech to the group. The best ideas will be used to make innovative solutions for healthcare! If you just want to use your skills then join one of the ideas pitched instead!

Don’t have an existing development team? No problem! We will form teams at the event. All skills and skill levels welcome. Also remember to bring your own development equipment (Desktop, Monitor, Laptop, VR headsets, musical instruments, etc).

Developing software, games or experiences in 48 hours is hard, exhausting, and laborious work that is also collaborative, thought provoking, exciting, rewarding, and fun.

Our Mission

Our goal is to bring together people from various creative and technical fields to develop solutions using games, VR, AR & interactive experiences that help the automotive industry (consumers & businesses, manufacturing, design engineers, sales, marketing & more) Our dream is that these same individuals discover new products and ways to work together and form lasting relationships. We hope to put the national spotlight on the cross section of these industries and our region and show off the unique combinations of talent & even more, that the outcomes of the event also help promote interest in “STEAM” education to the generations that will carry these concepts into the future.


A variety benefits will come from a concentrated period of working together to innovate new products and ideas for the Auto Industry. You’ll find that when talent from various disciplines and the auto industry combine there will be a multiplier effect.

How do you find people that do great work? fun to work with? Work well under pressure? Jams are a great place to work on intriguing industry related projects and find who you would enjoy working with in the future.

Have you heard of the 80/20 rule? We believe sometimes diving in and tackling a variety of concepts, problems and projects could result in all of us collectively finding a solution that would’ve gone untested. What the future of mobility and the auto industry holds, we don’t know but together we can work on 10-15 difference concepts over a weekend and get a better sense of what could work and what may not. This is a place where failure is encouraged and if only a few good ideas come about that is success.

Where do students and recent grads get experience? How do they work with other professionals from other schools and regions? How do they rub shoulders with industry vets? Well at this jam, teams will form around the most intriguing problems and teams can form with participants from a variety of backgrounds. Being in the trenches together, working on a project is what forges true connections.

We believe the best chance at lasting human connections happens when you’re working on a shared challenge together. We have such tremendous talent that often times find themselves heads down in their own bubbles, and we want to have talent from all parts of Michigan and outside of our region becoming friends, colleagues, coworkers and creating new connections.

Automotive Challenge Categories

Stay Tuned for a few of the problem areas and categories that teams can form around to create solutions for and tackle.

In car/ Ride Share games, New Social Interactions.

Mobile Showrooms, Short or Long Ride Marketing

Elder Care, Education, Workforce, Emergency Response

New Automotive form factors, Design iterations

Examples of emerging & gaming tech used in Automotive & Mobility.

Stay Tuned. for posts in this section.

Are you ready to join in?

Food everyday, Working with awesome talented people, working on something impactful, cool, lasting connections & opportunities

Event Agenda

Get ready for an action packed 48 Hours!

Talks & Comedy
Fri-Pitches & Teams
Sat-The Grind
Sun-Final Showcase

Talks & Comedy

This night is for inspiring, though provoking, interesting talks & humorous jokes all about the auto industry and its future. Loosen your collar, take off the tie, let your hair down, put on your flats, because tonight you will get to enjoy your industry in a new way (whether it be in Automotive, Gaming, or Tech) and have inspired discussions for the weekend ahead.

Venue – TBD

6:00pm – Event begins with mingling, drinks.
7:00pm – Automotive & Technology Speakers + Automotive Stand Up Comedy
9:30pm – Go Home!

Fri-Pitches & Teams

The night you chart a course for fun & excitement. Have an idea? Pitch it. Heard an awesome idea? Join a team.
As is with most jams, remember to bring your own development gear.

Venue – TBD

6:30pm – Event begins with mingling, drinks and dinner
7:00pm – Event Intro
7:30pm – Game & Project Pitches begin
9:00pm – Teams Assemble, Ideas Planned and Begin work
11:00pm – Go Home!

Sat-The Grind

The non-stop game building action remains non-stop, except for the times you have to stop for food and ask for help.

Venue – TBD

8:00am – Doors Open, Breakfast/Coffee
12:30pm – Lunch / Status Updates / Call for Help
6:30pm – Dinner
11:00pm- Go Home!

Sun-Final Showcase

The hard work hopefully looks like it is forming into something recognizable as fun. Success or failure, hopefully you learned something. Tonight, you will present your team’s game concept for everyone to enjoy!

Venue – TBD

8:00am – Doors Open, Breakfast/Coffee
12:00pm – Lunch and Status Updates / Call for Help
4:30pm – Complete Projects, Begin Project Uploads
5:30pm – Dinner & Technical Check with presentations over the projector
6:30pm – Team Presentations Begin
9:00pm – Go Home!

Stay tuned for our venue announcement.

Warning: You will be spoiled!

This is a highly collaborative event
creating fun, exciting & impactful technology
to improve the future of the auto industry

The Organizing Team

Our experienced team is dedicated to bringing you the greatest collaborative event possible.
(This isn’t our first trip to the game development rodeo – see pics & testimonials spread throughout this site!)

Moody Mattan

Moody Mattan

CEO brandXR /
Motor City Auto Jam Organizer
Kunal Patel

Kunal Patel

CTO BrandXR / Co-Founder Indienomicon /
Motor City Auto Jam Organizer

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‘I had a really great time. The [game jam event] you guys put on continues to be a great way for new people to get into the community and for anyone in the area to meet other local developers. Everyone organizing it helps make it a fun, lighthearted and enjoyable experience.
S.B. 2014 Game Jam Attendee


We have an ever growing diverse group of subject matter experts for Motor City Auto Jam. They have deep auto industry knowledge necessary to create compelling solutions. Our mentors are experts in their fields and will provide guidance, experience, and insight to any and all teams. Seriously they have attended 100 years of schooling followed by 100 years in the real world making cool things happen. Use them!

Stephen Dantas

Stephen Dantas

Founder, Digityll & Co-President of VRARA of Detroit
Jeff Day

Jeff Day

President and Founder, North of 10 Consulting

Compelling Experiences require
a smart mix of combined skills

Helpful Skills

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I had a really great time. The GGJ event you guys put on continues to be a great way for new people to get into the community and for anyone in the area to meet other local developers. Everyone organizing it helps make it a fun, lighthearted and enjoyable experience.
S.B. 2014 Game Jam Attendee

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